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Application of Artificial Intelligence to the Monitoring of Medication Adherence for Tuberculosis Treatment in Africa: Algorithm Development and Validation

JMIR AI 2023;2(1):e40167

478 9 9
Strategies to Improve the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Health Equity: Scoping Review

JMIR AI 2023;2(1):e42936

836 3 6
Adolescents’ Well-being While Using a Mobile Artificial Intelligence–Powered Acceptance Commitment Therapy Tool: Evidence From a Longitudinal Study

JMIR AI 2022;1(1):e38171

841 4 6
The Application of Artificial Intelligence in Health Care Resource Allocation Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Scoping Review

JMIR AI 2023;2(1):e38397

490 1 5
Preparing for an Artificial Intelligence–Enabled Future: Patient Perspectives on Engagement and Health Care Professional Training for Adopting Artificial Intelligence Technologies in Health Care Settings

JMIR AI 2023;2(1):e40973

407 8 4
Few-Shot Learning for Clinical Natural Language Processing Using Siamese Neural Networks: Algorithm Development and Validation Study

JMIR AI 2023;2(1):e44293

250 4 3
Patient Embeddings From Diagnosis Codes for Health Care Prediction Tasks: Pat2Vec Machine Learning Framework

JMIR AI 2023;2(1):e40755

680 9 3
Machine Learning for the Prediction of Procedural Case Durations Developed Using a Large Multicenter Database: Algorithm Development and Validation Study

JMIR AI 2023;2(1):e44909

218 3 3
Chronic Disease Prediction Using the Common Data Model: Development Study

JMIR AI 2022;1(1):e41030

314 2 3
Self-Supervised Electroencephalogram Representation Learning for Automatic Sleep Staging: Model Development and Evaluation Study

JMIR AI 2023;2(1):e46769

295 3 3
Insights on the Current State and Future Outlook of AI in Health Care: Expert Interview Study

JMIR AI 2023;2(1):e47353

372 6 2
Sample Size Considerations for Fine-Tuning Large Language Models for Named Entity Recognition Tasks: Methodological Study

JMIR AI 2024;3(1):e52095

84 11 2
Deep Learning to Detect Pancreatic Cystic Lesions on Abdominal Computed Tomography Scans: Development and Validation Study

JMIR AI 2023;2(1):e40702

253 8 2
Using Conversational AI to Facilitate Mental Health Assessments and Improve Clinical Efficiency Within Psychotherapy Services: Real-World Observational Study

JMIR AI 2023;2(1):e44358

773 11 2
Physicians’ and Machine Learning Researchers’ Perspectives on Ethical Issues in the Early Development of Clinical Machine Learning Tools: Qualitative Interview Study

JMIR AI 2023;2(1):e47449

106 3 2
Practical Considerations and Applied Examples of Cross-Validation for Model Development and Evaluation in Health Care: Tutorial

JMIR AI 2023;2(1):e49023

61 9 2
Role of Ethics in Developing AI-Based Applications in Medicine: Insights From Expert Interviews and Discussion of Implications

JMIR AI 2024;3(1):e51204

78 4 2
Prediction of Chronic Stress and Protective Factors in Adults: Development of an Interpretable Prediction Model Based on XGBoost and SHAP Using National Cross-sectional DEGS1 Data

JMIR AI 2023;2(1):e41868

160 5 2
Artificial Intelligence Algorithms in Health Care: Is the Current Food and Drug Administration Regulation Sufficient?

JMIR AI 2023;2(1):e42940

424 34 2
Reporting and Methodological Observations on Prognostic and Diagnostic Machine Learning Studies

JMIR AI 2023;2(1):e47995

83 7 2
Momentary Depressive Feeling Detection Using X (Formerly Twitter) Data: Contextual Language Approach

JMIR AI 2023;2(1):e49531

66 3 2
Forecasting Artificial Intelligence Trends in Health Care: Systematic International Patent Analysis

JMIR AI 2023;2(1):e47283

3106 71 2
Enabling Early Health Care Intervention by Detecting Depression in Users of Web-Based Forums using Language Models: Longitudinal Analysis and Evaluation

JMIR AI 2023;2(1):e41205

220 11 1
Assessing Elevated Blood Glucose Levels Through Blood Glucose Evaluation and Monitoring Using Machine Learning and Wearable Photoplethysmography Sensors: Algorithm Development and Validation

JMIR AI 2023;2(1):e48340

1592 16 1
Developing an Inpatient Electronic Medical Record Phenotype for Hospital-Acquired Pressure Injuries: Case Study Using Natural Language Processing Models

JMIR AI 2023;2(1):e41264

243 3 1

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